TruLogELD – the ELD Built by Drivers for Drivers

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The TruLog ELD Mobile App

Regulatory Compliant

Meets all FMCSA regulatory requirements

Clear & Accurate

Offers easy-to-understand updates on mileage, fuel and GPS location

Comprehensive Tools

Provides advanced functionality like electronic DVIR, automated maintenance work orders and accident reporting

Trulog eld Mobile App

Sleek Design

User-friendly app that’s simple to use and easy to read for both the Driver and Safety Investigator

Upload Pics & Docs

Painless image and file uploading, such as bills of lading or pictures from an accident

Multi-User Capability

Owner-operators are able to manage two accounts, one as a driver and one as a supervisor

Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

It is not just about compliance needs or mandates. It's about transitioning from the old way of logging to the new while operating effectively and efficiently.

  • The Electronic Logging Device (ELD) easily plugs in to the Electronic Control Module (ECM) of the vehicle.
  • The ECM communicates with the app on the mobile device (smart phone or tablet) and transmits required data to update Hours-of-Service (HOS) information.
  • The information is stored securely and easily shared with safety investigators and regulatory agencies.